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Algebra with Mr. White

These courses are designed to assess and improve your mathematical abilities in preperation for placement in Geometry.


Good "useful" note-taking is based on a clear sense of why you are taking notes in the first place. Once you understand the importance of taking notes (and the strategies behind doing so), you will be able to make your notes much more useful - rather than just jotting things down randomly because everyone else is too!


All of your teachers here at St. Benedict's will expect more of you as students than before, as will your parents and friends. Life will get pretty hectic for you - very quickly. The secret to making your academic life here a success lies within your ability to stay on top of your work by being organized.


While moving through the semester, you should pay particular attention to your performance on assignments [Homework, Quizzes, Exams, etc.]. If you find yourself having a difficult time with the work, it is your responsibility to seek extra help.

Winter 2018 | Algebra 1A & Advanced Algebra

These courses are ultimately designed to help guide you in preperation for placement into Geometry.The course website:

This website will serve as the medium for disseminating information to you for this course. Announcements, handouts, homework assignments, and sometimes quizzes will all be uploaded to this site throughout the semester. You can easily find and download these documents from the ASSIGNMENTS tab of the site, which will lead you to the Google Classroom.

As such, your ability to effectively use these online resource will have a huge impact on your final grade. The onus of doing well in this course is on you, gentlemen. Complete your homework everyday, utilize the online study aids that have been provided to you through the course website/ Google Classroom, and seek extra help when necessary.

Commitment and determination are the character traits that will make you successful in this course, regardless of your skill/ previous academic performances in math. I look forward to helping each of you reach Geometry with the skills necessary to be successful.


Google Classroom Codes

2nd Block - Class Code: bpw8z5 | 3rd Block - Class Code: c7t26w


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    All of my students will begin the semester with an A in this category of their grade. Free points right! Failure to comply with any of these expectations for your class participation will result in your grade being lowered by 10% per instance...

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    Clickers are simple student response devices. These tools allow me to track your mastery of each lesson, real time. Each student will be assigned an iClicker at the beginning of the semester. These devices will be handed out and recollected at the end of class periods. You should never take your assigned iClicker outside of the classroom...

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    As I have previously outlined, your Algebra Notebook is the most important tool at your disposal this semester. You must learn to take clear and comprehensive notes for each lesson...

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    Absenses are not an excuse for missing homework or quizzes that can be submitted electronically. If a homework assignment or assessment is due and you are absent on the corresponding day, you must hand/ make up that assignment(s) on the first day you return to school....

All parent/ teacher meetings will take place at 520 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Newark, NJ 07102 in the Trophy Room at St. Benedict's Prep.

Parent/ Faculty meetings can be scheduled at your request. However, please keep in mind that I will need a weeks notice, in order to find an appropriate time for us all.

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A man can make what he wants of himself. [And] if he truly believes that, he must be ready for hard work and many heartbreaks.

~Thurgood Marshall

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